Best Marketing Automation for eCommerce

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Marketing Automation Workflow
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Best Marketing Automation for eCommerce

eCommerce marketing automation tools can be very difficult to choose from.  Before you start looking for the best marketing automation for eCommerce, decide WHAT you need to accomplish with your automation for eCommerce, so that you will know what features to shop for to find the best marketing automation for small businesses and eCommerce for your business.

Marketing automation tools are used to allow you to reach more prospective customers with less effort – as it is automated. With a digital marketing and eCommerce marketing platform, you want to make sure you don’t miss out on getting sales from your customers.  Digital marketing automation for eCommerce is about optimization.  Optimize the opportunities for more sales.  Optimize your staff’s time and where they need to focus.  You can automate a lot of the functions that your marketing team is used to doing manually, such as sending emails, scoring and nurturing your leads, posting to social media, and with eCommerce, following up with your customers on such things as abandoned carts to try to close more sales.

What to look for to find the Best Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Marketing Automation Comparison is important!

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Your eCommerce “shopping list”

As stated above, before shopping for the best marketing automation for eCommerce, you should know what you need in the way of automation for eCommerce to accomplish what you need for your business.  Start a list before looking for marketing automation platforms.  Have an idea for your marketing automation strategy to make sure you pick the best platform for your needs.

Here are a few things we suggest to think about to get you started.  Are you collecting email addresses? Do you want to track your visitors? Are you going to market or upgrade sales to past buyers? Do you want to send real-time sales alerts?  Are you storing information on your customers in order to market to them better in the future? Do you need site and event tracking?  SMS Messaging? Do you need a b2b marketing automation platform?  Do you need the features of  b2c marketing automation systems?

Knowing what you need before starting the search will help make sure you get the right product.  And you need to get the right product for your business in order to get the best marketing automation lead generation for eCommerce.

Another thing to watch for when shopping for your best marketing automation for eCommerce is that not all automation is created equal.  If your platform only takes certain tasks off of your or your marketing team’s hands, it might not be enough.  Make sure you can automate everything that you possibly can to save time and money.

eCommerce Marketing Automation

api data integrationHere at Automize, we have worked with many different brands of marketing automation software, and it is so important that you can get one that is easy to use.  Spending a lot of money on the software, then not finishing setting it up is just a waste of money.  If you are at that stage and stuck, give us a call and we can help move you forward to having your automation for eCommerce set up.

Make sure you have a simple platform with a wide variety of self-learning guides and courses.

 eCommerce Automation Benefits

You with a successful eCommerce setup

Once you are set up and running, it will be so much easier to grow your online store, get more customers and save time when you do this.  You will generate new business, build your brand and automate marketing. It will be easier to communicate with your customers, and use their past browsing and shopping history to engage with them.  This will work whether you are selling services or goods.  Reach and engage your customers across the entire customer lifecycle.  Keep them loyal to your brand by communicating regularly and giving them the service they want and deserve.

Marketing Automation Examples

Marketing automation for eCommerce can make your life so much easier!  Some marketing automation benefits are that you can send a welcome email, reminder emails, re-engagement emails, shopping cart reminders, product updates, and launches.  There are so many opportunities to gain more sales with marketing automation for eCommerce.

eCommerce Options

Shopify PartnerThere are several top choices for a marketing automation tool for your digital marketing in eCommerce.
Shopify email automation – add Shopify to your website, and make sure your CRM can integrate with Shopify for Shopify marketing automation and utilize email marketing for eCommerce.  Automize is a certified Shopify partner and is very experienced working with Shopify.
WooCommerce automation – WooCommerce is another eCommerce platform that is very popular and well used.  Here is an article where we compare Shopify vs WooCommerce – click here.

One of the easier-to-use software platforms for small businesses that we recommend is ActiveCampaign.  The ActiveCampaign WooCommerce combination is a good one to use.

Another one that is more complicated to set up and is used mostly by larger businesses is Infusionsoft by Keap.  Most use a marketing automation specialist at a marketing automation agency to get their system set up correctly.

Marketing Automation Services

Yes, there are a lot of marketing automation companies out there.  But we specialize in this, have lots of experience, and can give you the quick service and turn-around you deserve.  AUTOMIZE can help you with the setup of these, or any other eCommerce software platforms.  We are a very experienced marketing automation agency, specializing in marketing automation consulting.  We can help you choose which marketing automation tools for eCommerce would fit your needs.  Automize – your marketing agency for eCommerce.  Give Automize, your marketing automation consultant, a call today.


Infusionsoft by Keap Integration best marketing automation for ecommerce

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Automize sometimes earns affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. There is no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Automate your business with Automize!

Automize is the leading expert when it comes to email marketing and CRM automation.

Automize excels at helping clients set up and automate CRM and automated lead generation, marketing campaigns, and marketing automation through process improvements using Zapier plugins or Hubspot tags. Automize improves their customer’s process automation by setting up and offloading tasks that would take up valuable time from staff and sales reps schedules!

Automize has the following expertise:

  • Infusionsoft Certified Consultant
  • Certified ActiveCampaign Consultant
  • Certified Zapier Expert
  • Shopify Partner
  • Go HighLevel
  • Monday CRM
  • Ontraport
  • Hubspot
  • Marketing automation for eCommerce
  • and many more automation platforms.

Let Automize help you as your certified Infusionsoft consultant aka Infusionsoft advisor.  We are also Active Campaign certified.

If you’re looking for reliable marketing automation, business process optimization or process automation, Automize as your automation consultant is the answer. We have years of experience helping businesses just like yours get more done in less time.

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