4 Tasks to Automate

4 tasks to automate

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business process optimization consultant, process automation4 Tasks To Automate

So You Can Save Time in Your Day and Automate Your Business Processes

There are so many tools out there to make it easy to set up your tasks to automate processes in your business.  Tasks automation can be quick and easy to set up, giving you more time in your day once done.  We want to share with you some task automation examples to automate daily tasks.  You will love having automated task management set up in your business.  We are going to start out with 4 easy tasks to automate.

Here are a few suggestions of tasks you should automate:

1. Create and track calendar events automaticallyintegration solutions

The first great one of the tasks to automate is – We all have work calendars that we truly depend upon.  But sometimes we do forget to look at something on that calendar.  If you use a mail program that has a pop-up reminder of events or meetings, that is great.  If not, or if you need to import these from another platform – such as Calendly or a spreadsheet, this can be automated easily with Zapier.

You can also set up a Zap to keep all of your calendars updated – if you add something to one, it will add it to another.  Don’t miss a meeting because the information was not put on the calendar from another platform.  This is just one of the automation of routine tasks you can set up for your business.

api data integration2. Get notified, or notify your team about new leads or customers

Here is another example of business tasks that can be automated.  In most businesses, it is very important to follow up with leads right away.  Depending upon someone to check if there are new leads could let this task slide.  You can use Zapier to get these messages right to you.

One example is to set up a Zap to send a new Facebook lead to you via SMS, or have it send an email to your team when a lead comes in.  You can do this for just about all leads, no matter how they come in.

3. Send messages to your leads and customersautomation construction

Here is another idea to automate business tasks and this can be done on several different platforms.  Set up a campaign to message your customers through ActiveCampaign, Keaphttps://getautomized.com/infusionsoft-consultant/ or many others.  Any of these can be set up to automatically respond to new leads or regular customers, by setting them up updated information or newsletter (for those that have opted into your subscription first).  Marketing automation tasks and web task automation can really save you time.

4 tasks to automate

4. Streamline your social media

Here are other great tasks to automate to save you a lot of time.  This can be done in many ways with different platforms.  There are several good task automation tools available to you.  Think about what you want to accomplish.  Do you need to post just one time, and automate your posts to populate all of your social media?  Here are a few suggestions:

Use Zapier – create a Zap to send all of your posts to another platform when you post.  Such as Instagram to Twitter, Twitter to Facebook, WordPress to Twitter.  This works well if you only want everything to post once.

There are several platforms out there that will let you put in your post, post now, or schedule for a specific time, and even tag it as an “evergreen” post – meaning it will cycle that post for you automatically.  This is a good way to automate your posting without having to repost something new all the time.

Tasks to AutomateZapier Apps

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, it might be time to consider automating some of your tasks. There are many things that can be automated, from social media to customer service. Automation can help you free up your time so that you can focus on more important tasks. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Our team of experts will work with you to identify which tasks would be best suited for automation and then find the right tools to get the job done.

Why don’t you automate tasks – at least all the boring stuff and gain back time in your day?   There are so many everyday tasks that can be automated to save you time.  Automate repetitive tasks, automate manual tasks,  and make your business run smoother. Remember, Automize can help you set these up.  We are certified in many of the platforms to automate your business.  Set up your tasks to automate today!



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Automize sometimes earns affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website. There is no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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