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GoHighLevel Plans

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GoHighLevel ExpertsGoHighLevel Plans for your business.

Looking to scale your digital marketing agency? How about your service business? Go High Level has the pricing plans you need. With the Agency Starter Account, access essential features for managing clients. Upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Account and set up unlimited accounts with your own branding.

For full white-labeling capabilities and the ability to set your own prices, the Agency Pro Account is the way to go. Find out more about each GoHighLevel plan and choose the one that suits your agency’s needs.

GoHighLevel Agency Starter Account Pricing

The GoHighLevel Agency Starter Account is priced at $97 per month or $972 per year. With this plan, you get essential features for managing clients, projects, and tasks. Communication with customers is made easy through channels like Twilio and MailGun. Automate tasks and track campaigns with the Workflow Builder and Campaign Builder.

If you’re looking for more advanced features and customization options, consider upgrading to the GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited Account. This plan is priced at $297 per month or $2976 per year. It includes all the features of the Starter Account, plus a customized White Label Desktop, memberships, partner program, chat and phone support, and basic API access.

Take your business to the next level with GoHighLevel.

Agency Unlimited Account Pricing

Upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Account and unlock a wide range of features and benefits for your business.

With the Agency Unlimited Account, you’ll enjoy the following:

  1. Customization Options: Personalize the platform with your brand by using the customized white-label desktop. This allows you to create a seamless experience for your clients and maintain brand consistency.
  2. Support and Training: Get access to chat and phone support for any assistance you may need. GoHighLevel also provides basic API access for connecting with other software, giving you more flexibility in your workflow.
  3. Scalability Options: As your business grows, the Agency Unlimited Account ensures that you have unlimited sub-accounts to manage all your clients. This allows you to expand your client base without any limitations.

With these agency unlimited account benefits, you can take your business to the next level and have the tools and support you need to succeed.

Agency Pro Account Pricing

When considering the pricing options for Go High Level, you may be interested in the Agency Pro Account, which offers advanced features and capabilities for your business. This plan is priced at $497 per month or $4968 per year. It includes all the features of the Agency Unlimited Account, such as the customized White Label Desktop, memberships, and basic API access.

In addition, the Agency Pro Account offers several unique features. Split testing allows you to determine the performance of landing pages, while the AI conversational bot automates conversations. The SaaS mode allows access to the software over the internet, and advanced API access and email/text rebilling are included. The agent reporting feature is also available. With the Agency Pro Account, you can take advantage of these advanced features to enhance your business operations.

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White Label Mobile App Pricing

To access the pricing details for the Whitelabel Mobile App, you’ll need to consider the different options available in GoHighLevel’s plans. Here are three key points to consider when it comes to Go HighLevel white-label mobile app pricing:

  1. GoHighLevel White label Mobile App Features:
    The Whitelabel Mobile App allows you to customize the appearance and feel of the platform with your branding. You can use your own domain name and have unlimited accounts. This feature gives you complete control over the platform’s look and feel.
  2. GoHighLevel Whitelabel Mobile App Benefits:
    With the Whitelabel Mobile App, you can set your own prices and sell the Go HighLevel platform under your brand name. This gives you the opportunity to create a new revenue stream and expand your business.
  3. GoHighLevel Whitelabel Mobile App Pricing Comparison:
    The Whitelabel Mobile App is priced at $1491 per quarter. When compared to the benefits and features it offers, this pricing is competitive and provides excellent value for money.

White Label Zap Pricing

You can access the pricing details for the Whitelabel Zap feature in GoHighLevel’s plans. The Whitelabel Zap is priced at $50 per month. White-labeling your zaps offers several benefits, including the ability to customize and brand the platform with your own logo and colors. To set up a Whitelabel zap, you need to navigate to the settings section and follow the instructions provided by GoHighLevel.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Whitelabel zaps, you can consider using other automation platforms like Zapier or Integromat.

Key Differences in GoHighLevel Plans

The key differences in GoHighLevel plans revolve around the level of account access and branding options available to users. Here are three important aspects to consider:

  1. Agency vs. Individual Pricing: GoHighLevel offers pricing plans specifically designed for agencies and individuals. The Agency Starter Account is perfect for single business owners or those starting out in digital marketing, while the Agency Unlimited Account caters to established companies or business owners managing numerous clients.
  2. Customization Options: With GoHighLevel, you have the ability to customize the appearance and feel of the platform with your own branding. This means you can personalize the desktop app, use your own domain name, and even set your own prices with the Agency Unlimited White Label Upgrade.
  3. Benefits of White Labeling: The Agency Unlimited White Label Upgrade allows you to fully white-label the platform, branding both the desktop and mobile app. This not only enhances your agency’s professionalism but also enables you to sell the GoHighLevel platform under your own brand name.

GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited White Label Upgrade

The Agency Unlimited White Label Upgrade from Go HighLevel offers full white-labeling capabilities, allowing you to brand both the desktop and mobile app with your own agency’s identity. With this upgrade, you have the power to set your own prices and sell the Go HighLevel platform under your own brand name.

The benefits of Go HighLevel white labeling include complete control over the platform’s look and feel, the ability to customize the appearance and feel of the platform with your branding, and the opportunity to create a seamless and consistent client experience.

Additionally, Go HighLevel offers special offers and discounts, such as the option to pay annually and receive a discount. Many clients have found success using Go HighLevel, as evidenced by the numerous client success stories.

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Discounts and Special Offers

Take advantage of exclusive discounts and special offers when you choose HighLevel for your sales and marketing needs.

Here are three reasons why these discounts and special offers are worth considering:

  1. Annual Pricing: By opting for the annual pricing option, you can enjoy significant discounts on your HighLevel subscription. This allows you to save money and get more value for your investment.
  2. Cost Comparison: When comparing the cost of HighLevel with other separate providers, the savings become even more apparent. While separate providers can cost up a whole lot more per month with individual platform subscriptions, HighLevel starts at just $297 per month, making it a cost-effective solution that provides excellent value for money.

With these discounts and special offers, this platform ensures that you get the most out of your sales and marketing budget.

Is GoHighLevel Worth the Cost?

HighLevel offers a comprehensive set of features and tools that make it a worthwhile investment for businesses and digital marketing agencies. When comparing HighLevel pricing to other CRM platforms, it becomes clear that the value of its features outweighs the cost.

By consolidating multiple tools into one platform, HighLevel saves businesses and agencies thousands of dollars per month. The benefits of HighLevel’s white-labeling capabilities can’t be overlooked, as they allow businesses to customize and brand the platform to match their identity.

The ROI of using HighLevel is evident in the cost savings and increased efficiency it provides. Overall, when compared to other CRM platforms, HighLevel offers a competitive pricing structure and an extensive range of features that make it worth the investment.

Starter GoHighLevel Plan Features

With the Starter plan in GoHighLevel, you can access essential features and seamless functionality to capture more leads and nurture them into customers.

Here are three benefits of the Starter plan:

  1. Full Online Booking: Easily schedule appointments and manage your calendar with the built-in online booking feature. Streamline your workflow and save time by allowing clients to book directly from your website or landing pages.
  2. Pipelines: Keep track of your sales process and manage your leads effectively with the pipeline feature. Visualize the stages of your sales funnel, track progress, and ensure no leads fall through the cracks. Stay organized and close deals faster.
  3. Social Calendar: Plan and schedule your social media posts in advance with the social calendar feature. Maintain a consistent online presence, engage with your audience, and drive more traffic to your website. Simplify your social media management and focus on growing your business.

The Starter plan in GoHighLevel offers these features and more to help you succeed in your marketing efforts.


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Unlimited GoHighLevel Plan Features

With the Unlimited plan in GoHighLevel, you can access a wide range of features to maximize your marketing efforts and scale your business. The Unlimited plan provides numerous benefits, including unlimited sub-accounts for one price, a branded desktop app with custom domains, and complete control over the platform’s appearance.

This plan also offers API integration, allowing you to connect with other platforms seamlessly. Additionally, customer support is available through chat and phone, ensuring you receive timely assistance whenever needed. When comparing pricing options, the Unlimited plan offers tremendous value, as separate providers would cost a whole lot more, whereas Go High Level only charges $297 per month. Take advantage of the Unlimited plan’s customization options, API integration, and excellent customer support to take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Client Testimonials

Clients rave about the impact Go High Level has had on their businesses. Here are three powerful client success stories that showcase the remarkable results achieved with Go High Level:

  1. Increased Revenue:
    One client reported that using Go High Level to build marketing and sales systems tripled their clients’ lifetime value. With the platform’s advanced features and automation capabilities, they were able to focus on selling more services and significantly boost their revenue.
  2. Endless Possibilities:
    Another client described Go High Level as the greatest piece of software they’d come across. It empowered them to do anything and make money. The platform’s comprehensive tools and intuitive interface allowed them to streamline their operations, attract more customers, and achieve unprecedented growth.
  3. Industry Leaders’ Choice:
    Well-known industry experts have all testified to the effectiveness of Go High Level. They credit the platform for revolutionizing their businesses and enabling them to achieve remarkable success.

These testimonials from satisfied clients highlight the undeniable impact Go High Level has on business growth and user satisfaction.

What Is HighLevel?

HighLevel is a white-label marketing CRM that offers a range of features and tools for agencies, consultants, coaches, and marketers to scale their businesses. It stands out among other marketing CRMs with its robust capabilities and impact on business growth. One of the benefits of using HighLevel CRM is its ability to consolidate multiple tools into one platform, saving time and improving efficiency. HighLevel also offers seamless integration capabilities with other platforms, allowing for a seamless workflow and enhanced productivity.

Many success stories have been shared by clients who have used HighLevel to triple their lifetime value and generate more revenue. Overall, HighLevel is a powerful CRM solution that can greatly benefit businesses looking to streamline their marketing efforts and drive growth.

Benefits of Using HighLevel CRM HighLevel vs Other Marketing CRMs Success Stories with HighLevel
Consolidates multiple tools Robust capabilities Tripled lifetime value
Seamless integration Enhanced productivity Increased revenue
Streamlines marketing efforts Efficient workflow
Drives business growth


HighLevel’s impact on business growth is evident through the success stories shared by clients. By utilizing the powerful features and tools offered by HighLevel, businesses have been able to streamline their marketing efforts, increase their revenue, and triple their lifetime value. HighLevel’s integration capabilities also play a crucial role in driving business growth by allowing for a seamless workflow and enhanced productivity.

In comparison to other marketing CRMs, HighLevel stands out with its robust capabilities and seamless integration. It consolidates multiple tools into one platform, saving businesses time and improving their efficiency. This sets HighLevel apart from other marketing CRMs that may require the use of multiple tools to achieve similar results.

What Is Included in HighLevel?

Included in the HighLevel CRM are a range of features and tools that provide agencies, consultants, and marketers with the necessary resources to scale their businesses effectively. Here are three key components that make HighLevel stand out:

  1. API access: HighLevel offers API access, allowing seamless integration with other platforms and software, streamlining workflows, and enhancing efficiency.
  2. White label capabilities: With HighLevel, you have the ability to fully customize the platform with your branding. This includes white-labeling the desktop and mobile app, setting your own prices, and selling the Go HighLevel platform under your own brand name.
  3. Pricing comparison: HighLevel offers a cost-effective solution compared to using separate providers. With pricing plans starting at $97/month, HighLevel consolidates multiple tools into a single platform, saving agencies thousands of dollars each month.

With these platform features, HighLevel empowers businesses to streamline processes, enhance branding, and save costs, ultimately helping them achieve their goals and scale their operations.

Agency Account and Sub-account Explanation

To manage multiple businesses or clients within your agency, you can create sub-accounts under your Agency Account. Sub-account management allows you to easily organize and oversee each business or client separately. There are several benefits to utilizing sub-accounts. Firstly, it provides a streamlined way to scale your operations and effectively manage a growing client base.

Each sub-account can have its own set of features and settings tailored to the specific needs of that business or client. Sub-account pricing options are available, allowing you to allocate resources and expenses accordingly. With the ability to create and manage sub-accounts, High Level offers a flexible solution for agencies looking to efficiently and effectively handle multiple businesses or clients under one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does GHL Compare to Other CRM Platforms in Terms of Pricing?

GHL offers competitive pricing compared to other CRM platforms. With its range of features and customization options, it provides value for money. The cost analysis shows that even with upgrades, GHL costs less than separate providers.

Are There Any Additional Charges or Fees Associated With the GoHighLevel Plans?

There are no additional charges or fees associated with the GoHighLevel plans. The pricing comparison is favorable, and the plans offer flexibility, no contact/user limitations, and access to training and support resources.

Can I Switch Between Different Pricing Plans or Upgrade My Plan at Any Time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to switch between different pricing plans or upgrade your plan at any time. GHL offers options to adjust your subscription and payment to meet your changing needs.

Are There Any Limitations on the Number of Contacts or Users Allowed in Each Pricing Plan?

In each pricing plan, there are no limitations on the number of contacts or users you can have. You have full control over contact management, user roles, CRM integration, data privacy, and scalability options.

Does GHL Offer Any Training or Support Resources for Users to Maximize the Value of the Platform?

Yes, High Level offers a variety of training resources and support options to help you maximize the value of the platform. They provide training materials, tutorials, and a dedicated support team to assist you in utilizing the platform to its fullest potential.

If you want to skip the setup and learning curve to get up and running on this platform, Automize is a GoHighLevel consultant. Click below for a free consultation, and see how we can have you up and running in no time.

Go HighLevel Platform Features and Benefits

Automize, an experienced Go HighLevel consultant, offers a comprehensive suite of services to supercharge your business growth with Go HighLevel.  We have something to fit your needs!

With seamless CRM integration, we ensure that your customer relationships are managed efficiently and effectively. Email marketing automation and SMS marketing automation tools in GoHighLevel guarantee targeted and personalized communication with your audience. Utilizing the advanced funnel builder and website builder, we design conversion-focused strategies to drive traffic and increase conversions.

With the platform’s social media management, it will help you engage and expand your online presence across various platforms. By leveraging the robust analytics and reporting capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into your marketing performance and make data-driven decisions.

With lead generation, sales automation, client management, and workflow automation solutions, we streamline your processes and maximize efficiency. With expertly crafted landing pages, appointment scheduling, and task management features, Go High Level ensures a seamless customer journey from start to finish. Partner with Automize today and elevate your business to new heights with GHL – HighLevel’s powerful platform.

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